Here are the Maston Group products and services of subsidiary companies and associated companies. 


 Maston group R&D, holding, facility management. The Maston group founders have founded a number of companies and developed globally distributed products since the 1980's. The Maston group parent company was founded in 2002 and have main offices in Sweden and USA, and the group companies are located in countries around the globe.   Maston_Group_2018.pdf
  The Genious V2-6 stirling engine power genset enabling bioenergy CHP at competitive costs. The engines are designed to be reliable and yet cost competitive on the market. The current markets are solar power, biofuels power, waste hat power, incinerator power, oil and gas industry energy recovery and many more.  Company was sold in October 2018 and have new owner. Genious V2-6 engine general info public 2018.pdf
 Sunthetics process and the eternal oil well operating on solar power. The Sunthetics technology is a new route to high efficiency "solar to fuel" production that enables continuous production rates of renewable hydrocarbons for hundreds of years at a cost comparable to conventional petroleum industry.  Presentation_Sunthetics__2018.pdf
  Solarus innovative solar CHP with ultra efficiency power collectors. The R&D is in Sweden whereas the manufacturing is in Netherlands, India and South Africa. This is possibly the most efficient solar technology available today.  Presentation_Solarus.pdf
  SSY hybrid electric propulsion systems and light weigh steel hulls, wind power,wave power and other off-shore systems that are environmentally friendly with no need for anti-fouling paint, no chemicals, no maintenance etc.  

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