About Us

The Maston Group was founded by the MastonstrĂ¥le family in 2002 and it is based on the work of Stefan Larsson-MastonstrĂ¥le on creating a number of new innovations. 

The Maston group develop new innovations within renewable energy and climate resilience that is also improving the financial base of the planet by increasing the system efficiency and minimising environmental damage that is the true assets of the world economy. 

Stefan has worked for 3 decades with renewable energy and conventional power plant systems, electric vehicles development, and synthetic fuels development and 12 years at one fo Europe's largest power utility Vattenfall R&D, with design and erection of large scale power plants with innovation technology. 

Today the Maston Group have grown into a energy corporation that have earned a number of technology awards and established manufacturing of materials, parts and products on >500 sites around the world. 

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